Judge: “These Are Things People in This Country Need to Know”


The first performance of Shen Yun Touring Company on the evening of May 5, in Buffalo, NY, touched the audiences. Tim Cooper, a judge from New York state, enjoyed the show very much, and he said that American people “need to know” the message.

“Just a wonderful, artistic spectacle. I don’t know how you would not enjoy this. I mean it’s wonderful,” he said.

Mr. Cooper didn’t expect that he would love the show so much.

“I knew my wife would love this, so I bought it for her. But I didn’t know I would love it so much,’ he said. ”So I’m just overwhelmed by the spectacle, and the beauty and the meaningful messages that it’s sending. And I was very very impressed.”

He was impressed by the messages it conveyed.

“It talked to me about the political crisis going on. It talked to me about the repression, and the need for civil liberties, for all people to be extolled,” said Tim.

And he added, “I need to say to them that they need to see this because of the tradition, and because of the message. These are things people in this country need to know, because we don’t see that side of Chinese culture. And we should be exposed to it, and I’m so glad I am.”

Qing Shi and Danielle Zhu from NTD Toronto contributed to this article.