Musician: Really Moved by the Magic Music of Shen Yun


The last performance of Shen Yun International Company completed in the evening of April 26 in Salt Lake City, Utah. As musicians, David and Carla Elkelsen were deeply moved.

“The whole evening was just a feast of color, and movement and music and magic. I expected beautiful costumes and beautiful dance. I was really moved by the music. And I’m in love with the erhu now,” Carla said.

Ms. Elkelsen said she fell in love with traditional Chinese instrument and music.

“It had the additional character of pulling together the earthy things and heavenly things, which is part of the theme of the evening. I thought the music of the instrument does that too. It kind of marries the divine with the earthly. It was wonderful,” said Ms. Elkelsen.

And her husband David enjoyed the feeling of lifting by the music and the whole performance.

” I found absolutely delightful. Typically the sound of Chinese music has always been very captivating for us. Just the time we have heard it, just a few times that we have heard it in a recording form. It was specially great to hear performance live tonight,” he said.

Carla Elkelsen said, “It’s transcendental. It just lifts you out of time and place. It just carries you away. I love it.”

“I just felt very uplifted and very much brought into a spirit of our common humanity and our common spirituality, the things that bring us together,” she said.

David Zhang and Anton Jiang from NTD Salt Lake City contributed to this article.