Entrepreneur: Shen Yun “Gives You a Different Insight into Chinese Culture”


The second show of Shen Yun North America Company in The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was very well received. Jack Roseman, an award winning entrepreneur, was impressed by the insight of Chinese culture.

“Marvelous. It was great. Gives you a different insight into Chinese culture. In a sense, I wish I knew more. It’s excellent promotion for the Chinese culture,” he said.

He enjoyed the show and recommended it to those who hadn’t seen it.

“And it shows a certain insight of the Chinese that we take it in the Western world as these are something that came here, but that’s not necessarily true. I think a lot we learned is from the Chinese people. So those are my comments. And I really enjoy it. Those who haven’t seen it should see it.”

Ying Wan and Lei Chen from NTD Pittsburgh contributed to this article.