Entrepreneur: Shen Yun Performance “Is a Must-see”


The last and the added show of Shen Yun International Company in the evening of March 19, in Phoenix, Arizona, deeply touched Katrina Lim, an entrepreneur. She felt grateful to Shen Yun for bringing the show to Arizona and would like to tell everyone that it “is a must-see.”

“I am very lighthearted. I’m so happy, but I’m still emotional. I’m so proud, especially you didn’t forget us in Arizona, because sometimes culture out West is not as prevalent as the East Coast, or in European countries. But we thank you for coming out here. We were even so fortunate that you even added a show,” she said.

Ms. Lim was also a singer, and had seen many Broadway plays, but she thought Shen Yun was unbelievable.

“The singing, which was unbelievable. I mean the decibel that soprano hit. I was like ‘my God’. I was a singer myself at one point also, and I was like just chills up and down my spine. I would recommend everybody: this is a must-see. I have seen pretty much every Broadway play. I’ve traveled and seen many shows, but this was so exciting for me. I will come and see it everywhere.”

And she would follow Shen Yun and see more performances.

“I actually would get on a plane and follow the next two or three. I know tonight, I will go home and look at the calendar, and call everybody in the next states that you’ll (perform), and say it’s a must-see. As this going even two thumbs up, I give even four thumbs up. I mean it was just unbelievable, unbelievable.”

Katrina would also make it a prerequisite for her 19 godchildren to come and see Shen Yun.

“I believe when I go home, or when our car picks us up, I will relive every act in my mind. This will be at the tip of my tongue for many years. I will take this performance, if I have till my dying day to 100, if they said what is your best performance? This will be my performance that I will pass on to my 19 godchildren. And it will be a must, and I will make sure that all of my godchildren, this will be a prerequisite before they get their dowries,” said Ms. Lim.