Law Enforcement Equipment Company CEO: “I’m Immersed in” Shen Yun


The second show of Shen Yun North America Company in The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was very well received. Lee Markl, a Law Enforcement Equipment Company CEO, felt that he was “immersed in it”.

Lee Markl enjoyed the show.

He said, “Tremendous color, great choreography. I love the music. I love the enthusiasm of the dancers. They’re all so young and vibrant, and I just enjoy the dancing, the blend of the gymnastics, the choreography. I think it’s a great performance.”

“The one instance about the school girl. The young school girl. Umm. Was very emotional. But overall, I’m enjoying it. I’m just allowing myself to be immersed in it and it’s, I’m very glad we came,” he said.

Ying Wan and Lei Chen from NTD Pittsburgh contributed to this article.