Pastor: “We need to bring the Shen Yun to people”


The second show of Shen Yun North America Company in The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was very well received. Andrew Tibus, a church pastor, inspired spiritually from the show.

“Excellent. My second time. I would highly recommend it,” said Pastor Tibus.

Rev. Tibus felt that the show brought people together.

“The artistry is fantastic. The dance is incredible. Awesome. Gives me a sense that we are really one people. We share the spirit. That brings us together. It’s a joy, ” he said.

He thought all people needed Shen Yun in modern society.

“I think it will deepen anybody’s faith, no matter what the background may be or what their preference may be. And I think for those who don’t believe in God of some kind, they’ll come to realize there’s more to life than being here for a couple years,” Rev. titus said.

He added, “there’s too much brokenness and evil in the world. We need to bring the Shen Yun to people.”

Ying Wan and Lei Chen from NTD Pittsburgh contributed to this article.