Hollywood Actress: the Experience “Is Really Transcendent”


The performance of Shen Yun International Company on the evening of April 29, in Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, California, attracted many artists. Hollie Stenson, a Hollywood actress, was touched by the show, and said, ” It’s really transcendent.”

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic,” she said.

Ms. Stenson added, “The backdrop video is really cool. I love how they jump into the video and then jump out of it. My husband really love that. He is very technical. But it expands beyond, it expands the audience’s horizon beyond just dancers’ bodies, and I think that’s really interesting touch. I haven’t seen anything like that before.”

“It’s an inspiring show to see, and as I mentioned, ” said Ms. Stenson, “I think that we often don’t get the chance to sit in this collective awe of this type of art.”

She thought it surpassed excellence.

“It’s an experience that we don’t get every day, and it’s really transcendent,” she said.

Mandy Huang and Yiyuan Zhang from NTD Los Angeles contributed to this article.