Three-time Nobel Prize Nominee: Shen Yun Would “Bring to Society Aspects of Goodness, Justice, Peace, Harmony”


Simon Simonian, a three-time Nobel Prize nominee, and a professor of medical sciences, professor of surgery at Harvard University, and visiting professor at Oxford University, was amazed by Shen Yun International Company’s performance on April 22, 2017, at the Terrace Theater of Long Beach, California. Deeply inspired by Shen Yun, he recommended the show because it was “one of the most beautiful performances that one can see today.”

“I thought the performance was one of the most beautiful performances that one can see today. In its grace, beauty, color, and spirituality, as well as reality, and trying to express what is good, and avoid what is not so good,” he said.

He thought the performance inspired people spiritually and secularly.

“We have to respect the spirituality as well as secularity. They are both real. We are of divine nature, and Shen Yun is showing this divinity, spirituality, as well as secularity, reality. And we are grateful for that,” Simonian said. “And this is the kind of past, present, and future that we could look forward to.”

He also loved the music.

“The orchestra is very beautiful and very harmonious music, all different kinds of instruments, working together in a harmonious way.”

He said that people ought to learn from the show.

“People ought to come and see how the Chinese people lived for so many centuries, so many thousands of years, and that kind of life is an example for other countries to learn from,” he said.

“I think this would bring to society aspects of goodness, justice, peace, harmony, and ethics, morality, truthfulness, honesty, and trust, and working together in a beautiful graceful harmonious way.”

Mandy Huang and Tieyuan Zhang, NTD News, Long Beach, California contributed to this article.