US warns of ongoing North Korea cyberattack campaign

The FBI and Homeland Security have issued a warning: North Korea’s ongoing campaign cyber attacks is likely to continue.

Experts say North Korea was probably behind the recent global “ransomeware” attack, where the WannaCry “ransomeware” virus infected some 300,000 computers.

This attack could have come from a group of hackers called “Lazarus,” now know as “Hidden Cobra.”

Lazarus is thought to be responsible for the 2014 attack on Sony Pictures.
One demand made in that attack was that a comedy about an attempted assassination of North Korea’s leader be taken off the market.

North Korea is blamed for numerous other attacks stretching back almost a decade.

South Korean finance, energy, and transportation companies have been targets.

Experts think these are reconnaissance attacks. Bigger attacks could be in the works.

North Korea denies any involvement.

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