Musician: ‘I’ve never heard anything better’ Than Shen Yun’s Orchestra


Musician Tim Knight and a friend’s daughter Mindy Khoo came to enjoy Shen Yun Performing Arts at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham, UK, on March 26. Mr. Knight has been working with professional orchestras in England for many years, but he said he has never seen an orchestra better than Shen Yun’s.

“I work with orchestras in England, professional orchestras. I’ve never heard anything better anywhere.”

Mr. Knight specializes in classical guitar and keyboard, and is also a composer and conductor. Currently he is the principal of a music college.

“As a musician, I know the sense of timing is very important for artists, not only musicians but also for dancers. When I see it being well portrayed, I’m very impressed.”

Mr. Knight also praised the integration of traditional Chinese instruments into a classical Western orchestra in Shen Yun.

“The overall structure of the compositions which incorporate the Chinese, sounds of Chinese music with the Western music—and they integrate perfectly.”

NTD News, Birmingham, UK