Hollywood Composer Praises Shen Yun Orchestra


The combination of eastern and western instruments in the Shen Yun Performing Arts Orchestra impressed Hollywood composer Fletcher Beasley who saw Shen Yun on April 28 in Los Angeles.

Mr. Beasley, who has worked on a number of major TV and film projects, enjoyed the dances, costumes, and the music in Shen Yun.

“I really enjoyed it. I liked the integration of the traditional Chinese instruments with the western orchestra, the pipa and the erhu are really—it’s really neat to hear those together,” he said, referring to some of the traditional Chinese instruments in the orchestra.

“I thought it was done very well. It was great to hear the traditional Chinese melodies with the western orchestration, and I thought they did that very seamlessly. ”

Mr. Beasley, who has lived in Taiwan before and has been exposed to the Chinese culture, said his entire family enjoyed the performance.

“Very enjoyable. It was nice; I brought my daughter and my wife so we had a great time.”

Alice Su and Huiping Wang, NTD news, in Los Angeles contributed to this report.