Hackers attack Ukraine, Europe

A massive cyberattack has swept through many large companies and government departments in Europe, with Ukraine being hit particularly hard.

Reports of ransomware demanding cash payments to encrypt data on hacked computers have come in from some of those affected. Others have shown screenshots of blackened terminals warning users not to shut down at the risk of losing their data.

In Ukraine the power grid, banks, television stations, transportation networks, and several government offices have been crippled by the attack. The deputy head of the presidential administration said cyberdefense is closely monitoring the situation.

Russian oil giant, Rosneft, which lays claims to being the the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum company, said its servers had also been hacked.

The company said that neither production nor the preparation process were stopped but the company said the cyberattack “could lead to serious consequences.”

A.P. Moller – Maersk, a giant conglomerate that is, among other things, the largest container ship operator in the world, said that it had also been hit by the attack.  

“We can confirm that Maersk IT systems are down across multiple sites and business units. We are currently assessing the situation,” the company tweeted.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko posted a picture of a darkened computer screen to Twitter on Tuesday, June 27, saying that the computer system at the government’s headquarters had been shut down.

Those behind the attack remain unknown but Romanian IT security company Bitdefender said the GoldenEye/Petya ransomware is being used in the attack.

The company is keeping an updated blog on how the attack is unfolding, including how many people appear to have paid the ransomware demands—13 at last count.

Confirmed victims of the attack also include Chernobyl’s radiation monitoring system, pharmaceutical giant Merck, law firms, and others.


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