Mezzo: ‘I Find It Beautiful and I Find the Music Amazing’


Ola Rafało, a mezzo that has been praised by Opera critics for her roles in various productions, was full of praise for Shen Yun Performing Arts after seeing the classical Chinese dance and music company perform in Rosemont, Illinois on March 12.

Commenting on the performances by Shen Yun’s award-winning vocalists who use the bel-canto style to sing Chinese lyrics, Ms. Rafało said that she found them to be beautiful.

“It’s a very different style from classical Western singing that I do, but I find it beautiful and I find the music amazing. I love the traditional ancient Chinese culture and arts,” she said.

“I think the show is wonderful and I’m so glad that [Shen Yun is] spreading this beautiful culture all over. It’s very sad to me that you can’t see these kinds of things in China and I hope that that changes very soon because it’s a culture rich in so much depth and beauty and spiritual expression and art, and I’m so happy to see it.”

Ms. Rafało also commented on the universality of the lyrics sung by Shen Yun’s vocalists. While the vocalists perform, translation of their lyrics is projected on the backdrop behind the performers.

“I think these are universal feelings that people of every culture will feel related to, because they express the stories and longings and feelings of humanity, you know, of all of our culture.”

Ying Wan and Lei Chen, NTD News, in Rosemont, Illinois contributed to this report.