A Traditional wedding in a South Korean folk village

By qing.lan

A vow to heaven, earth, and each other. The sound of traditional music signals a party and feast. It’s a traditional wedding embodiment in Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea.

You can volunteer to be the bride or groom. Today’s newlyweds are a real couple married for 15 years.  

“I’ve been married for 15 years. I took this “wedding” as a fun experience. But when they put on me layers upon layers of clothes, I get nervous (like a real bride),” says the bride.

Wild geese are loyal to their partners. If one dies, the other will live alone. So a wild goose at the wedding is a wish for the couple to grow old together.  

Kim Cheng-Jen from Korean Etiquette Institute explains the deeper meaning of a traditional wedding.

”In a traditional wedding, the couple first gives their vow to heaven, to earth, then to each other. After an oath to heaven and earth, they cannot divorce or change their heart. It is much more than a ceremony. It has a deep meaning of boundage,” he said.



The ritual dates back from the Joseon period (1392-1897 A.D.) and requires the broom, dressed in blue, to bend deeply. In return, the bride lowered her head.

A split gourd serves as cups for the couple to drink from, indicating they are joining in one, a practice from ancient China.  

“I am here for fun, but seeing something so beautiful makes me really happy,” says a tourist watching the ceremony.

“I assumed it’d be boring, but there is so much fun…and meaning. I am thinking of having a traditional wedding myself,” said another tourist thoughtfully.

A traditional wedding has much more meaning, as it celebrates ancient tradition and connects the bride and groom to history.

It also serves another purpose, keeping the traditional customs alive so they will not be forgotten in the future.

A village band walked ahead of the broom, while the bride sits in the Jiaozi, a sedan chair, touring around the village and greeting the seniors.

The quiet village is filled with festive atmosphere and warmth.    



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