The tiniest flower pot with live plants

By qing.lan

It all started in 2013 with not wanting to waste corks.

Amanda Newman, 35, founder of Cork Buds, made them into containers with little magnets embedded inside.

“I realize the corks would be a great little container for plants,” Newman said. “Because they allow the plants to breathe.”

All of their corks are donated and recycled, they don’t purchase the corks. Their packages are also recycled.

“So we try to do as much for the environment as we can,” she said.

She has tried a bunch of different types of plants, until finally figuring out airplants and succulents work the best.

For the airplants, just spray them twice or three times a week. They need less sunlight, so partial light is enough.

For the succulents, they come with a little dropper. So just squeeze a few drops in about once a week.


Airplants are actually mini so they won’t grow further.

The little succulent plants are babies. So they will grow bigger. Eventually, you’ll have to transplant.

She sells about 4,000 corks a year.

Her next goal is to have a little boutique, not too big, so that she can ensure the quality of her products.


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