Why North Korea Keeps Threatening America?

By Serene Lee

North Korea successfully test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on July 4th. The missile was said to be able to reach Alaska and Hawaii.

North Korean citizens are starving, and at the same time Kim Jong Un wants nuclear power to target America. Is Kim Jong Un insane? As a communist leader, he clearly knows what he wants. The same thing happened in Communist China.

In the 1950s Mao Zedong, the former Chinese Communist Party Chairman, wanted the country to rapidly surpass the UK and US, at the same time starting the “Great Leap Forward” campaign.

Peasants were ordered to produce steel out of scrap metal day and night. To fuel the furnaces, people had to supply their metal artifacts for the backyard steel furnaces. Private farming was prohibited. Much of the harvest was left to rot, uncollected.

This led to 30-45 millions of deaths from severe famine between 1959-1961. Even though the weather was favorable, the Chinese Communist government falsely labeled the cause as “three years of natural disaster.”

In a documentary literature, named <依稀大地湾>(Vaguely Bay) by Sha Qing,the author described a true story that took place among peasant families.

In one peasant family, the father, son and daughter survived. One day, the father asked the daughter to stay outside, when she came back home, her brother had disappeared. Some bones were left on the floor and oil was floating in the pot.

Several days later, the father was boiling water again in the pot, and asked his daughter to come. The girl was crying outside the door and fiercely begging: “Daddy, do not eat me. I help you collect grass, heat the house, if you eat me, no one will help you.”

Inside some of the rural villages, one-third of the people had died. Even though dead corpses were left everywhere, the local Communist leaders enjoyed good meals and fine liquor.

Communism shares the same nature. Wherever it goes, it brings famine, poverty and hatred with them. The history of communism is written with blood and lies. According to the Black Book of Communism, Communist regimes have killed approximately 100 million people and killing remains an essential ingredient of communism.

It’s no surprise that while the North Korean people are starving, Kim Jong Un keeps gaining weight. And dreaming of developing nuclear weapons to kill American people. Kim Jong Un is not a joke but a real threat.


Bowen Xiao contributed to this article.

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