Musician in Awe of Shen Yun


Musician, director, and actor James Intveld took his 80-year-old mother to Shen Yun Performing Arts for her birthday at the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks, California, on Mar. 28, 2017. He said Shen Yun’s performance surpassed his expectation.

“My experience tonight was very very uplifting and I’m going to go home and feel very, very, very good about it, ” he said.

Intveld was very impressed of Shen Yun’s production quality. “I thought the colors were really amazing and they worked really, really well with the dancers and I loved the way that you had the backdrop and then people would come from the backdrop into live. It was wonderful. That was a very, very nice way to expand on the limitations of just the stage so it was nice to be able to see that and it also helped tell the story. ”

“Production was amazing yes. I agree. I thought the pacing was really wonderful, I thought the first half was paced very well, and then the second half was actually a little bit bigger, and it was really good that it happened because you know, you want to sort of build up to the end, and I just thought that it played out very, very well, “Intveld said.

Intveld especially liked the two string Chinese instrument erhu.

“It sort of has a vibration to it that kind of gets underneath your skin a little bit, and it feels very, very emotional. Even though I don’t know that instrument, it still feels familiar on some level, maybe just as a human being, you know, feeling it. Yeah, it was great. ”

Intveld was also inspired by the message of Shen Yun.

“There were moments there where things were very dark and then there was light that was brought to it, so it was like sort of, like there was some evil involved, and then it was overcome by spirituality, and goodness, and that was uplifting for I think the audience, and it was nice for a lot of the children that were here tonight to see that. We live in an age where there’s a lot of electronic music, a lot of television and things that people are used to seeing, so to see a live performance like that with a real orchestra, I think is very inspiring for children for today to be able to see things like that. Its not as common as it used to be. So it was very, very nice. ”

Alice Su and Yiyuan Zhang, NTD News, Thousand Oaks, California contributed to the article.