Memories of Teresa Teng – How she accrued 1 billion fans!

Hong Kong evoked nostalgia in me even though this was my first visit. The city is full of memories of the late Teresa Teng, the pop diva whose hit ballads such as 「Sweet as Honey」 and 「The Moon Represents My Heart」 captured the hearts of millions across Asia and transcended not only geographical boundaries but time and generations as well. 


 Memorabilia of Teng can be easily found in the city, which piqued my curiosity about the life of this legendary singer.


 「Wherever there are Chinese People, there’s Teresa Teng’s music.」

More than two decades after Teng’s passing, she remains in the collective memories of many people. Today, we are still listening to her songs.

Widely accepted as Asia’s 「singing queen」, Teresa Teng reached her heyday in the 1980s in the Chinese-speaking world and Japan. In 1986, TIME magazine named her one of the seven top singers in the world.

Born in 1953, Teng was called a singing prodigy and began performing on stage at the age of six. She sang fluently in multiple languages.

Among her repertoire of over 1,000 songs, some of her most widely known folk songs and romantic ballads are 「The Moon Represents My Heart」, 「The Story of A Small Town」, 「Just Like Your Tenderness」, 「I Only Care About You」, 「May That Affection be Long-lasting」, 「A Leisurely Journey of Life」, 「Spring Comes to the North Country」, 「Flower Drums of Fengyang」, and 「Sweet as Honey」.

Teresa Teng’s success could be attributed to many who came to recognize her talent and potential.
 Ricky Fung, a Hong Kong-based music producer, is one such key figure with the insight to see what Teng could one day become.

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