Staring at these baby face goldfish melt the summer heat away

By Serena Otgonbayar

Netizens like to forward images of colorful fish as a wish for good luck. If you take a look at the facial movement of the Gold fish in the video, you will see that they are indeed as cute as babies.


The Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo, Japan, is showcasing some 20 + varieties of goldfish. You can certainly pick one of your heart.



Their idyllic movements reflect a care-free lifestyle, much loved by the Japanese, hence taken as a token for summer.  




A solo performance is ethereal, so is the rhythmic group dance. With the help of a special setting, they could create a unique atmosphere.


Goldfish has more than an ornamental value in Japan. It is also a favorable subject of sugar figurine by the local craftsman.  Lanterns are made in the shape of goldfish and paraded at festivals to bring good fortune and happiness.



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