OJUKHEON – Great Korean Woman Shin Saimdang’s Home

She lived a harsh and emotional life full of struggles and heartache. She was an artist, writer, calligraphist, and poet. She was the mother of the Korean Confucian scholar Yulguk Yi I and was often held up as a model of Confucian Ideals. So who is this person? It’ s none other than Shin Saimdang!


In Korea, there is a special place called the Ojukheon located in Gangneung. And it’s also the place where the most prominent Korean Confucian Scholar of the Joseon Dynasty Yulguk Yi I was born. And thanks to the efforts of many generations of descendents, this amazing place has been kept and is now open to the public to tour around.

Reporter Eric: And it’s a very interesting story where Shin Saimdang, his mother, actually had a dream about a dragon in her room. And in Korean culture, if you dream of a dragon, tiger or giant fish, you’re most likely going to have a boy, and later on she gave birth to Yi I Yulguk, right here in this room, the dragon dreaming room.

Now, she can be seen everywhere on the 50,000 Korean won note with the Ojukheon as the background even. Shin Saimdang resided at the Ojukheon for 47 years from 1504 – 1551. It was built during the early Joseon Dynasty and remains one of the oldest wooden residential buildings in Korea today. So if you would like to see the birthplace of the most well known mother and son in Korean history, and see how noble people in the Joseon dynasty lived, then definitely pay a visit to the Ojukheon.

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