Mashed potatoes cups


●2 medium sized potatoes, peeled
●1 egg
●2 garlic cloves
●1/2 cup parmesan
●3/4 cup butter


1. boil the potatoes until they are tender enough for a fork to run through
2. mash the potatoes, combine butter and parmesan and mix
3. add salt to taste (usually 1 teaspoon or less)
4. beat the egg and mix until fully combined
5. scoop potato mixture into a piping bag
6. pipe the shape of a small cup; start by spiraling outwards from the center, and layer on the outer edge
7. bake at 350F for 15 minutes or until slightly golden
8. take out from oven and put a cube of cheese in each cup
9. bake at 350F for 3 minutes or until cheese melts
10. remove from oven and sprinkle toppings

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