Exclusive Interview with George Tang – 26th generation of the Tang clan

At their 800-year-old ancestral home in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a city known for its prosperity and bustling crowds, never ceases to develop and indisputably sets the trend in urban lifestyle. But the city has a different side that might surprise many of us.

Our destination is the Ping Shan Heritage Trail, located in the Yuen Long district of the New Territories.

This village, which sits in the northwest of Kowloon and is adjacent to Shenzhen, is the location of the ancestral home of the prestigious Tang Clan, which is considered local to Hong Kong. The village’s illustrious family can be traced back to the end of the twelfth century, toward the latter half of the Yuan dynasty, when an achieved young man of the Tang clan married a princess of the Song royal family. 

The first age-old structure we see as we enter the village is the Kun Ting Study Hall. The Study Hall was built in 1870. At the time, it was where young men of the Tang clan received their education.

Since we came all the way here, Ms. George Tang went out of her way and cooked a special dinner for us! This is “Hakka Duck”, made from a traditional and special recipe passed down from the ancestors of the Tang clan!
Just by looking you can tell this is a great feast!

As we wait for the “Hakka Duck” dish to get ready, let’s make the dessert, which is just as important. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, who’s especially made us tarte creole for dessert! This delightful tart has cake in the center and coconut mousse on the outside, and it is adorned with Italian meringue and refreshing pineapple! Its tender texture and great taste will be something to remember!

Today we have taken a walk down memory lane, and it will come to a close with a hearty feast.
At this moment, in this meaningful place, I can feel that the glorious culture of the past has a life of its own and it will continue to thrive. As I dine with those whom I care for, the memories of this moment will always remain in my heart.

Diora Fong and Chan Kei Lam

(George Tang with her culinary masters, Diora Fong and Chan Kei Lam, famous chefs and cookbook authors in Hong Kong)

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