7 Tips to boosting your self-confidence

1. Take action

Whether it be walking up to a stranger for a chat or accepting a project you would normally reject, keep challenging yourself and face your fears! Action will breed courage and confidence.


2. Exercise

Regular exercise improves body image, it also strengthens your immune system while relieving stress and fighting diseases. Feeling good about your body boosts physical confidence, so get out there and be active.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives, comparison is the thief of joy. To truly build confidence, you need is to work hard & live for yourself.

4. Dress nicely

Presentable clothing is the primary factor in creating a positive first impression. Spend a few minutes spiffing yourself up before leaving home. Feel good about yourself and get ready to tackle the world.

5. Speak assertively

Instead of using “ums” and “ahs”, adopt an assertive but not aggressive way of speaking. If you want people to listen to you more attentively, avoid nervous chatter or giggles.

6. Smile

The brain releases endorphins when you smile, which boosts confidence & social experiences. Sometimes all it takes is a bright, contagious smile, it tells people that you are open and friendly.

7. Perform your talent

Express yourself in front of others. No matter if it’s music or dance, once you put more energy into what you love, your confidence will start to shine through.

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