Relaxing waterfall massage at natural hot springs in Tuscany

Among the world’s best-known hot springs, Saturnia in Italy’s Tuscany is home to many. From the ancient times these natural hot springs were known to have healing properties. Cascate del Mulino is a gem known by locals and mostly hidden to tourists. The hot spring water bubbles out of the earth, filled with minerals and natural heat. The baths are composed of terraced pools fed by cascading waterfalls. While soaking in the warm, bluish water, visitors can enjoy the panoramic countryside view.

The water at Cascate del Mulino is rich in sulfur minerals, which aids in relaxation and is known for many health benefits such as treating skin diseases. The warm baths have a natural temperature of 99.5°F all year round. Going in for a dip in the middle of the freezing winter is an out-of-this-world experience. Not to mention that the entry is free and you can go anytime in the day or night. Remember to bring your own towels and folding chair for the ultimate experience. There is a bar that sells drinks, sandwiches, and snacks for your hungry belly. Other than that, the shower that charge a small amount for use. The big parking area is currently free but can be filled up in peak season.

Credit: Pietro Simeone

For those who prefer more privacy, there are several hotels and spas in the area that uses water from these natural hot springs. Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort is a luxurious hotel with a spa offering thermal, traditional, and Roman bath. There are also budget options nearby at Poggio degli Olivi Country House and Complesso il Gorello.

Saturnia is a word derived from the Roman god of agriculture, Saturn. Legends say that one day Saturn crashed a powerful lightning into the volcano crater and created the hot springs. Saturnia’s thermal spas existed since centuries ago, the spot was also known as a resting place for the Romans in the past.

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