5 Easy Hairstyles For When You’re Running Late

We always have the idea in our heads of waking up a little early, or just on time, to make ourselves look like a decent human being – but that thought always just stays as a dream. We almost never do. So below are some really quick and cute hairstyles to fool the eyes into thinking you did put some effort in.

French Twist with Chopsticks

This is a classic hairstyle that is actually quite difficult. But we’re going to show you a hack to do it in less than 2 minutes!

First step is to tie your hair in a low side-ponytail.

Then take a pen, pencil, or in this case chopsticks! Pock in through the hair between the hair tie and the head.

Press the second chopstick on the outside of the ponytail, and you want to slide this outwards and pull the hair tie out (with one chopstick inside, one on the outside).

Once you get to about the mid-lengths of the hair, twist and roll the chopsticks to the right, back towards the head. The hair will wrap around the chopsticks in a twist form.

Then once it’s twisted back to the head, pin the right side down with bobby pins until it feels secure enough to holy itself.

Then simply take out the chopsticks through the top, and voila! Stayin’ classy with minimal effort 😉

Twisted Low Bun 

Tie your hair in a low ponytail, then split it in half above the hair tie to create a gap.

Pull the ponytail through the gap to give a twisted effect.


Then with the rest of the ponytail, do a simple braid.

From the ends of the braid, roll it up towards the head. You can wrap this around your finger if it helps.

Then secure the bun with bobby pins!

Braided High Bun

Tie your hair in a high ponytail and twist into a bun, but leave out a bottom quarter section.

With the bottom section, do a simple braid.

Stretch and pull the braid a little to loosen it up and make it seem a little fluffier.

Then simply twist this around the bun, pin it, and your done!

Double Braid

Start by roughly dividing the hair in half.

Braid both separately and tie with a small rubber band.

Pull each braid to spread it out and make look thicker.

Tie both together to make one thick braid.

Using bobby pins, pin the two inner side of the braid together. Make sure the bobby pins are hidden by weaving the pin into the braid.

You should be left with a voluminous Rapunzel looking braid!

Double Twist

Tie the top and bottom half of your hair separately.

Starting with the top half, create a gap by separating the hair in half.

Thread the ponytail through this gap to create a twisted effect. Repeat on both ponytails.

Then pull the top ponytail underneath the bottom and tighten.

It’s as simple as that!

Now that you’ve saved all this time, you all can sleep in another extra 10 minutes! 😉

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