6 Beauty Hacks With A Spoon

Who knew that the humble spoon had more uses than a utensil merely a device to help stuff our faces with food. The shape of the spoon actually works perfectly in beauty to assist in the application of makeup! Check out some of it’s awesome uses below!


For those of you who struggle with perfecting the brow game… Use this trick!

Align the bottom of the eyebrows with the curves of the spoon. This will be your guideline.

The take an eyebrow pencil and simply trace over the top of the spoon.

Then fill in the rest of the brow.

Repeat on another side! Easy peasy 🙂


You may not know the correct area to contour and accentuate those cheekbones (don’t worry, not many of us do), this trick will help with finding that sweet spot!

Use the handle of the spoon and line it up from the tip of the ear, to the corners of the mouth.

Take your bronzing brush or blush brush and run along on top of the spoon handle.

Take away the spoon and you’ll be left with the contoured section.

To soften this rather harsh line, just take your brush and brush over this area.

Winged Eyeliner

The perfect wing is hard to achieve on some days, so read one to see how you can always get it right 🙂

Align the spoon handle to follow the natural curves of the bottom lash line.

Then take your eyeliner and just extend the line from the outer corners, following the spoon.

The take the rounded part of the spoon to connect the line back to the eye to create the perfect cat-eye flick.

Do to both sides and, done!

Who said eyeliner was hard, right? 🙂

Curling Eyelashes

Crazy, I know. I’m sure curling your eyelashes wasn’t something that you knew you could use a spoon to do, oh but it is, and it’s amazing!

Take the spoon and face it downwards.

You’re going to place the spoon on top of the eyelashes, and have your thumb under the lashes. To curl, think of those times when you’re curling a ribbon, but instead of moving the eyelashes, you’re going to stroke your thumb across the thumb. This motion causes the lashes to be squeezed in between the thumb and the edge of the spoon and curling it!

And, voila! Curled lashes!

Repeat this along the lash line until you get the desired curl. This method might even be more effective than using an eyelash curler!

Mascara Shield

Isn’t is one of the most frustrating things to have done all that blending and your eyeshadow is perfection, then you get mascara smudged on it?!

Here’s a lifesaving trick. Press the spoon against the eyelid just above the lashline, then apply mascara.

You can do this to the bottom lashline too.

Reduce Puffy Eyes

Put your spoon in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. Then hold the curved, underside of the cold spoon under your eyes for about 1 minute. Replace the now warmed spoon with another cold spoon if eyes are still puffy and repeat.

The cold temperature of the spoon helps to tighten up the skin around your eyes and relax the blood vessels, therefore reducing the puffiness surrounding the eyes and on the eye bags. It will also help with brightening the under eye.

So there you go, you’re all ready!

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