Get your food ziplined right to you at this awesome hanging tree-pod restaurant

Your childhood dreams just got elevated by this tree-pod restaurant that takes you up 35 feet into the air. Walk up to the bamboo pod on ground level, after you are seated, the platform lifts you up to mesmerizing island views. The four-seat restaurant is attached to a eucalyptus tree in the ancient Koh Kood rainforest. Above and beyond, waiters zip line your food and drinks to you.

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The tree-pod restaurant is unique to Soneva Kiri, a luxury eco-resort on the remote island of Kood in Thailand. The incredible feast here includes classic Thai cuisine. Imagine having a meal in a tree pod hanging in the middle of a jungle with epic ocean views will make your Tarzan and Jane dream come true.

Credit: Soneva Kiri

The Soneva Kiri Resort is a 90-minute private jet ride away from the Gulf of Thailand. After arriving on the island, visitors will be taken to their villa by an electric buggy that takes them through scenic bamboo forests. When you are ready for food, the Soneva Kiri Tree Pod is just a path through the jungle away. Rest assured that 85% of the food at the resort is locally and sustainably sourced.

Credit: Soneva Kiri

If you have a sweet tooth, finish off your delicious meal with a trip to the chocolate room and ice cream parlor.

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