Moon Geun-young to return with new film ‘Glass Garden’ at BIFF

“Nation’s Young Daughter”, actress Moon Geun-young showed up with a smile after battling against sickness. Moon Geun-young attended the official press conference of the 22nd Busan International Film Festival in Seoul, Jung-gu. “Glass Garden”, which is played by main character Moon Geun-young, is the opening film at 2017 Busan International Film Festival. Moon Geun-young said “Although I had attended it, I didn’t come with my own work. “Glass Garden” was an opening film. It made me happy.

Glass Garden
“Glass Garden” is a “green” suspense film. It demonstrates the story of scientist Jae-yeon, who uses chlorophyll to study artificial blood at the glass courtyard in the forest, and unpopular fiction writer Ji-hoon, who peeps at Jae-yeon.

Jae-Yeon (Moon Geun-Young) is a researcher in the field of artificial blood and a doctoral student. Her life is veiled. Bumped between contradiction of reality and her own ideas, she ignores the world and gets into a greenhouse which is her hidden place. Ji-Hoon is a novelist. He was caught in a plagiarism scandal and uses Jae-Yeon’s case as material for his novel.

Moon Geun-young, who plays a main female character Jae-yeon in the movie, said “playing this character, which I never played before, is fascinating for me and I like this character more and more.” Then she said “during the film shoot, the director talked to me a lot. So if compare it to other hard things, I think this character is alive which makes me happy. After filming, I find it too hard to walk away from this character.”

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