7 Hairdryer Hacks You Need to Know!

We’re going to let you in on 7 tricks that you might not have known about the humble hairdryer. Yes, it does more than just drying your hair!

1. Who Needs an Iron?

Instead of taking out the clunky ironing board and iron, you can just take the hairdryer to smooth out wrinkles on your shirts! First spray some water all over the shirt.

Then simply blow on the shirt on high heat.

Keep the hairdryer close to the fabric so the heat is intense. If you have a nozzle attachment, this can further aid the un-wrinkling of shirt.

Keep blowing until wrinkles disappear and voila!

2. Make your Glasses Fit Perfectly

Sometimes when we buy a pair of sunglasses or frames, we realize after that they don’t fit quite right. Instead of going all the way back to the store or optometrist, do it yourself with the hairdryer!

On medium heat, blow over the area where it hooks over the ear and warm up. This will make the bending easier and prevent any snapping.

Make sure not to burn yourself as the metal might get hot!

Then simply bend it to the desired angle

3. If the shoes fits… 

Cut the breaking-in process with new shoes – it’s painful! Or even if you realize your feet are a little wide for the shoes, use this handy trick.

Grab a pair of socks and wear the shoes you would like to loosen.

Then take the hairdryer and target the side areas where you would like the shoe to stretch a little so that it’s more comfortable. Blow on high heat between 2-5 minutes (depending on the material of the shoe).

Then take off the socks and the shoes should feel much more comfortable!

4. Removing Sticky Labels 

You know when you try to peel labels and your left with awkward scraps of attempts, and the jar is still stuck with white sticker remnants – this hack will help!

On medium heat blow directly on top of the sticker. Make sure the entire sticker is heated, especially the sides.

After about 1 minute, peel off with no residue!

5. Removing Adhesive stickers on clothes 

We all buy things we once loved, but love no more. If you want to strip any tacky text or pictures from a shirt take your hairdryer on high heat and blow directly over the text for 2-4 minutes.

This will make the glue unstick, making it easy to just peel off without ruining the material.

Now you have a plain shirt just like new!

6. Wax Residue 

If you accidentally spill candle wax on any surface it could be quite difficult to remove.

Get a piece of paper towel or toilet paper and place over the wax. Then turn your hairdryer on high and blow directly over. After a few minutes you will start to see the wax melt and be absorbed by the tissue. Keep blowing until it’s all melted.

Then simply wipe off. No scrubbing necessary!

7. Dry Nail Polish

If you’re impatient and hate waiting for nails to dry, take your hairdryer and push it to cool. Blow at your nails for 2-4 minutes and you’ll have dry nails in now time!

Hope these have changed your life in some way or another! 😀

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