An Omelette Like You’ve Never Seen!

You’ve most likely seen this custardy, insatiably soft curd-like omelette at some point navigating through the Internet. If you haven’t then you’ve been missing out my friends!

Omurice is essentially an omelette on top of friend rice. The difference is that this particular omelette, made by Chef Motokichi Yukimura, is sliced on top of the fried rice and oozes out – not the description you would typically hear with an omelette. Yukimura has perfected the art of omurice in his restaurant Kichi Kichi in Kyoto, Japan. Want to know how he makes it?

Starting with the fried rice, he adds a scoop of the demi-glace sauce (a rich veal-based stock sauce) into the pan and tosses it up so that all the grains are thoroughly coated.

The rice is then packed into an iron-looking mould that then sits on top of the serving plate. Now it’s time for the sorcery of the egg to unfold…

The egg is poured into well-oiled carbon steel skillet, then stirred and beat with chopsticks to get that perfect scramble – none of the spatula business. There’s some magical wrist action that involves a tapping to slowly guide the omelette towards the edge of the skillet.

Then there’s the act of balancing as Yukimura transfers the egg on top of the bed rice. It gracefully rolls on top. He then gets a serious looking knife and swiftly slices it from top to bottom, revealing a cascade of custardy goodness on top of the rice. The dish is finished with a ladle of demi-glace, which is a rich veal stock-based sauce. For a home cook, we would not recommend making this sauce at home as it’s quite an undertaking. Should probably leave it to the professionals. However, an alternative is using okonomiyaki sauce, which offers a similar dark and savory flavor.

Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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