6 ways to re-grow fruits vegetables at home

Did you know you could be getting your vegetables for free?! Well, if you take our advice and replant the scraps that is 🙂 Many of the vegetables that you currently use can be regrown from their roots, so check out how below!


After cutting the top off the pineapple, that that section and peel back the first few layers of leaves to reveal the stem underneath the leaves. In a cup or mug filled with water, put the pineapple top in the water. Then transfer to soil when roots start to appear.


After enjoying the deliciousness of the avocado, take the seed and insert 4 toothpicks around the side, evenly spaced. Using the toothpicks as a holder, rest over  a small sauce bowl or cup making sure that the seed is slightly submerged in the water.

Transfer the seed to soil when the roots grow thick.


After cutting off the base of the celery, take that and place into a shallow bowl of water with the root side down.

Place somewhere with ample sunlight and transfer to soil in a week.

Basil & Parsley 

Basil and parsley can be easily replanted by taking the stalks and simply placing them in water. Transfer them to soil when the roots grow to about two inches.
Using the ends of the onion where the root is showing, place in a bowl with some water (making sure not to completely drown it) and place where sunny.
Change the water daily. Then transfer to soil in 1-2 weeks.

Potato & Sweet Potato 

With any portions of the potato you haven’t used (with the skin on), insert 4 toothpicks into the sides.

Put into a cup so that the potato is submerged in the water.

Let the potato sprouts to root and transfer to soil in 1-2 weeks.

Happy planting! 😀

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