This sand dune lagoon is absolutely stunning, but when the camera zooms out—I’m in awe

Natural rainfall forms pools in between sand dunes in Brazil’s Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. It is home to the Maranhão state of northeastern Brazil. The region goes through storms and heavy rainfall from January to June, but from July to December, the rainfall winds down to form thousands of beautiful lagoons.

Credit: Instagram @_ciborg

The clear, blue waters attract thousands of visitors from July to September – when the water level is the highest. According to National Geographic, some of these lagoons are over 300 feet long and up to 10 feet deep.

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By the end of September, the water level starts to drop and so does the number of tourists. From October to November, powerful winds carry sands as far as 30 miles across the vast ecosystem and sculpt it into beautiful white sand dunes.

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It is easy to get lost in the 383,000-acres park so going with a tour guide is recommended. Although the park does not allow vehicles inside, 4X4s can take you to the gateway at Barreirinhas and you can walk inside. You will feel like you are dreaming as you walk across this natural phenomenon.

Credit: Instagram @diariomxm

Even the sunsets here are mesmerizing – don’t miss out when you come to visit!

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