Eat with the tallest mammals in the world at Kenya’s Giraffe Manor

The only giraffe hotel in the world is in Nairobi, Kenya. The colonial-era mansion, built in the 1930s, is set on a 12-acre private land within a 140-acre indigenous forest in the Langata suburb. The estate can accommodate up to 25 guests in its 10 luxury en-suite rooms.

The most intriguing thing about the Giraffe Manor, which is part of The Safari Collection, is that it is home to resident Rothschild giraffes. Visitors flock here to not only feed the world’s tallest mammals, but also to eat brunch with them. houses a restaurant that is open to the poking heads of hungry giraffes through its windows. These vegetarian giraffes are not at all shy, you can feed them with pellets on your plate and they will be sure to lick it clean.

People who come to the manor love the giraffes, many even feed them with their mouths and get a giraffe kiss. I mean, what better story to tell your friends back home about than getting a ‘giraffe first kiss’. Of course, if you are not into this sort of adventure, just close the windows and enjoy your brunch while watching other tables voluntarily give all their food to the adorable giraffes.

Not only can you hang out with the giraffes during meal time, you can also join them in the courtyard for some fun time. According to the San Diego Zoo, giraffes only need 30 minutes of sleep per day so they’re guaranteed to be up for some fun.

You will need to pay some price for an extraordinary experience like this, expect to pay more than $550 a night to stay at Giraffe Manor.

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