Mermaid Stories – REAL or FAKE?

Did you know that mermaids have been capturing our attention for thousands of years?

Nearly every culture on the planet has its own belief in mermaids. And recently many photos and videos have been circulating about supposed ‘real sightings.’ But, are these sightings real? Today let’s see which videos and photos of mermaids are exactly real

I was also curious about mermaids and started to realize how little we actually know of what lies in our oceans. We have explored more of space than we have of our own oceans, who knows what else is down there since we only explored like 5% of it so far…

Actually just this week I was talking to a co-worker and he said that he has heard many stories from local fisherman about how many of them have seen a giant squid-like monster similar to what we know as the ‘Kraken’ and that there are even stories he heard of them grabbing boats and these were not small boats he was talking about.

Here are some photos of ‘Real Mermaids’ that have been going viral. Do you think these are REAL or FAKE? Watch our video to find out!



Animal Planet also released two series on Mermaids a few years back, which made many people question their existence. But soon they were all proven to be fake!


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1. In Zimbabwe, there are claims that mermaids delayed the building of a dam and supposedly harrassed the workers. Even Minister Nikomo said, “We even hired whites (as in white people) thinking that our boys did not want to work but they also returned saying they would not return to work there again.” It was supposedly witnessed by multiple people.

2. Also during WWII, several mermaids were reportedly spotted by Japanese soldiers on the shores of the Kei Islands in Indonesia. They reported seeing them swimming in the water and were shorter than 5 feet. They even said they had pinkish skin, human looking face and limbs, spikes along its head, and a mouth like a carp. Sgt. Taro Horiba, who saw it as well told his superiors that they should investigate, they didn’t believe him and that is that.

3. Also, did you know Christopher Columbus has reported sighting mermaids while he was out at sea? He even stated, “They were not as beautiful as they are painted, although to some extent they have a human appearance in the face….”

4. Also in Japan, mermaids are actually called Ningyo and they are so different from the ones in the West. According to an old folktale, a young girl even gained immortality for 800 years after eating the flesh of the Ningyo. She grew up and got married but after that, she did not age anymore; she kept the same youthful appearance while her husband grew old and died. She eventually became a nun and wandered through various countries before dying in her hometown when she was 800! There is also a mermaid mummy in a temple that is currently on display in Japan!

All the time scientists are finding new creatures living in the sea in which they have never seen before. So I agree just because there are a lot of fake things out there, doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist. I mean earlier I talked about the Kraken but recently a giant squid was actually caught that was 43 feet in length. So things for sure are out there, I believe it is up to us to find it.

So guys what do you think about this episode on mermaids?  Do you think they exist?

By Ben Chasteen, Edge of Wonder Host

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