Female Giraffe Enjoys Valentine’s Day Flowers at ZSL London Zoo

Zookeepers treated a female giraffe trio to an all-girl Valentine’s Day treat at ZSL London Zoo on Feb. 9.

Ellish and her girlfriends, Margaret and Mollie, enjoyed flowers presented in a heart-shaped wreath, ahead of February 14.

The zoo’s giraffe keeper, Louise Jackobson said that like all ladies, the giraffes “love to receive a bunch of flowers”, especially on such an event.

But the flowers did not last long, according Jackobson: “Led by queen bee Ellish, the single ladies used their dexterous elongated tongues to tug the pretty petals off the heart-shaped wreath in a matter of moments — just like when they tug vegetation and flowers off the very tops of trees to eat.”

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