Mexican Woman Fractures Spine While Trying to Cross Into the U.S.

By John Smithies

A Mexican woman has fractured her spine after falling off a 20-foot cliff while trying to enter the U.S. illegally, according to border agents.

Using remote surveillance, agents saw a Mexican man waving his hands to draw attention to himself near Highway 98 in Ocotillo, California on Thursday, Feb. 8.

The man, 44, told the agents that his 22-year-old girlfriend had fallen off a cliff while trying to cross the border.

Agents were able to follow the footsteps of the man and found his girlfriend in pain from a back injury, according to a press release.

They placed her on a gurney and airlifted her out, taking her to a nearby hospital.

An MRI scan revealed that the woman had fractured her spine.

Agents said in a press release that she would be treated in hospital before being removed from the country.

The man was “taken to the station for further processing,” they said.

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