US Uber Drivers to Break Every 12 Hours

Uber is rolling out a new policy in the U.S. that is aimed at putting a stop to drowsy drivers being on the roads.

The company announced on Feb. 12 that it is mandating six hours of rest for every 12 hours behind the wheel, reported The Washington Post.

The new policy will be rolled out over a two-week period.

Uber said in a blog post that the purpose of the policy is to combat drowsy driving.

“Driver fatigue is a serious and underappreciated traffic safety issue, and states need all the help they can get to address it. GHSA is thrilled that Uber is taking steps to prevent drowsy driving by limiting the hours drivers can be behind the wheel,” Jonathan Adkins, Executive Director of the Governors Highway Safety Association, said on the blog post.

“This new feature has tremendous potential to protect not only Uber driver-partners, but also their passengers and, ultimately, all road users.”

Uber drivers will receive a warning after 10 hours of driving and a second warning at the eleventh hour. A third notification will warn drivers 30-minutes prior to the app shutting down which will restrict drivers from picking up fares for six hours.

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