Gator Lover Gives His Gators Valentine’s Day Treat

Michael Womer, the self-dubbed Gator Crusader from Orlando, Florida, shows his love for the dangerous reptiles by showering them with Valentine’s Day treats.

He gets them a card, writes them a poem, and even gives them a heart-shaped box of treats.

The Gator Crusader has been known to do stunts like letting his gators bite a GoPro camera attached to his head, swimming in their pool with them, and feeding them hotdogs from his mouth.

According to the Daily Mirror, he told hosts on Good Morning Britain that he feels safe around them as long as he has enough food. “I’m kind of hoping they accept me a little bit. I don’t think that they will never attack me and I can go in there and dress them up in tutus. They are dangerous animals but I’ve trained them to not be as and as you think.”

Credit: The Gator Crusader via Storyful

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