This steamed lobster rice with chicken is a lot easier to make than it seems—just watch the video

Main ingredients: 1 lobster, 4 chicken wings, 1 bowl of sticky rice, 4 spoons of special sauce

Auxiliary ingredients: ginger, scallion, shitake mushroom, jujube, Chinese wolfberry. One piece of lotus leaf

Seasoning: Soy sauce, sugar, corn starch, oil


1. Chop the lobster into small pieces, then wash and drain it. Mix with small amount of corn starch.

2. Wash the chicken wings, chop them into small pieces and drain the water.

3. Sticky rice should be washed clean and soaked for one night (about 7 hours). Drain the water from the sticky rice.

4. Soak and clean the lotus leaf.

5. Lay the lotus leaf on the bottom of the food steamer, then spread the sticky rice on it and steam for 15 minutes. Put the chicken (mixed with soy sauce, sugar and ginger) on the steamed sticky rice, then steam for another 5 minutes. Put the lobster on the chicken, pour the XO sauce on top and steam for another 3 minutes.

6. Take out the steamer, spread the scallion on top, pour some hot oil, and then pour some soy sauce soaked with scallion.

Feature: The delicious lobster absorbed the essence of the XO sauce and the flavor of the chicken. The chicken then absorbed the delicious juice from the lobster and XO sauce. All these were last absorbed by the sticky rice.

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