Man makes an actual working miniature grill from a can of tinned tomatoes

This outdoor creative mini BBQ would be fun to try and enjoy while camping.


1. To start, get a large can
2. Cut the can in half. You can use the available cutting tools you have.
3. The stand(legs): use two 11/32″ bolts for the legs on each side, with two wing nuts to secure them. Drill four holes for them, two on each side.
4. Put the bolts with nuts to secure the legs.
5. Drilling the holes. Use two 1/4″ nuts and bolts to hold it together. Drill two 1/4″ holes in the can and two holes at the top on either side.
6. Put the bolts through the holes from the outside and secured them with nuts on the inside. This will hold the two halves together.
7. The Handle: drill the holes with the same 5/32″drill bit and drove the bolts home with a screwdriver.
8. The Grill: Use thick wire mesh and bent it into a piece.
9. After putting in the charcoal briquettes, put the grill in place and it’s ready to go.

How cool is that. Life is to find something interesting ..

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