Wok-Seared Chicken on Fried Noodles

It’s a well-know noodle dish originated from Jiangsu Province, China, also buzzed as “emperor of all noodles” … It’s noodle fried into a pie golden on both sides, crunchy outside, tender inside.

As imagined, a noodles pie sounds too simple. A processed known as “head pouring” over the pie is needed. People in China see it as a dish too. It’s equivalent to marinade, poured over from top.

Chef John’s choice of marinade is chicken-based.

Shred chicken breast, add egg white, starch, mix well, making it taste more tender and smooth. Then fry the chicken, so that the chicken retain the flavor, and the meat not being too smashed.

Cook noodle to 80% done, remove and drain, add soy sauce and mix well, and then put the oil in the hot pot, fry the noodle, be careful not to stir fry, shake the pan to make noodles evenly heated until one side forms. Turn over, keeping it round shape is a key.

Next, add Pepper of colors, bamboo shoots, carrots, shredded mushrooms, bean sprouts, wok stir fry. Then add fried chicken, chicken soup, starch, making it glue like. Then add sesame oil, spring onion, garlic leaves, to zing up. When done, pour the dishes on the fried bread cakes.

How interesting it is. Once golden crunchy, the noodle gets soften with the freshly cooked marinade and turns delicious.

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