This Farm Treats Its Mozzarella-Making Buffalo Like Royalty

They live on an Italian dairy farm called Tenuta Vannulo in Capaccio, Italy.

The owners want their buffalo to live stress-free and believe that when they’re happy, the milk tastes better—which makes for great mozzarella.

This is why their buffalo get spa-like amenities. The farm doesn’t use medicine or fertilizers it believes in homeopathic remedies—meaning the body can cure itself.

They also make their own organic food for the 600 buffalo.

According to the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, comfortable cows produce more milk.

Researchers said that people should make stalls clean and work on other aspects of their lives to make them as comfortable as possible.

It only makes sense that water buffalo also produce more and better milk and cheese when they’re comfortable.

Video Credit: NowThis

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