Rescue Dog Works Out Snow ‘Zoomies’ on Backyard Track in London

This dog owner in London, Ontario, shoveled a track for her pups to work out their snow “zoomies” this winter.

The December frolic was especially exciting for Poppy, who was rescued about a month prior to the video from Texas and is getting used to Canadian climes.

Sally Gilmour-Pieprzak adopted the dog.

“My husband and I picked Poppy up Friday evening from the best foster mom ever, Kristy! We returned to London and planned on taking things very slow over the weekend. Poppy was so incredibly shy and skittish that I kept her double leashed on walks in my yard and single leashed in the house, just in case she made a dash for the door. It quickly became a nuisance indoors as the cats would chase her loose leash!” she said, according to Coveted Canines.


Video Credit: Instagram/Sally Gilmour-Pieprzak via Storyful

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