Soldier Returns Home, Surprises Daughters

A soldier returned home to Ohio without his two young girls knowing, leading to a sweet surprise.

Sergeant First Class Terry Gottke served a year in Afghanistan before returning home to Blue Rock over the weekend.

His wife Brittany Gottke told KTVU that they didn’t tell their girls, 7-year-old Tawny and 5-year-old Brea, when their father was slated to return, because they thought it would be easier on them.

The lack of knowledge led to a sweet surprise when Gottke appeared.

Both husband and wife are firefighters with Wayne Township Fire Department, so they had Terry dress in his gear. Then, fire trucks escorted him home.

“We are happy he is home. The last year has been really tough. The girls will not let him out of their sight,” said Brittany.


Video Credit: KTVU

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