Twitter Account Let’s Followers Call out Bad New York City Drivers

People in New York City can now get information on drivers in the city who they observe driving dangerously, by following a new Twitter account called “How’s My Driving NY.

The account was created by a man named Brian Howald in March. He uses the account to call give information on drivers who make dangerous or illegal maneuvers on the road.

Howald has also asked New York City officials to provide additional channels for citizens of the city of report reckless and dangerous drivers to their insurance companies. He hopes that this will eventually lead to more serious ramifications, such as citations or a driver’s license being revoked, for repeat offenders.

The account already has around 900 followers and has tweeted nearly 2,000 times. And it has been gaining more followers every day.

With camerawork by NTD’s Salina Wang

From The Epoch Times



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