Longyearbyen, the Town Where Dying Is Illegal

There is a town in Norway where dying is illegal.

The town is Longyearbyen.

The decision was made on the island in 1950, when officials discovered that bodies in the local cemetery were not decomposing properly due to the cold temperatures year-round, reported The Sun.

That led to fears that disease could easily spread throughout the island from the dead bodies.

Those close to death are now shipped off the island, and flown to Oslo to live the remainder of their days.

“‘If you seem to be about to expire, every effort will be made to send you to the mainland,” said Jan Christian Meyer, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, noting that there are no old person’s homes or any similar institutions on the island.

If people choose to be cremated they can remain on the island but few people have chosen to do so.

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