Magnificent Views From Inside Vintage War Plane Ride Along

The DC-3 is a timeless aircraft celebrated for its significant contributions during World War II. It’s now often revered for being the greatest aircraft of its time.

This 80-year-old vintage war plane is currently flying tours over San Francisco Bay and down the coastline, reported Fox affiliate KTVU.

Sonoma resident Richard Martin runs the tours and he said the DC-3 is the godfather to the modern corporate jet.

“This DC-3 N341A is one of only two commissioned at the end of WWII for Five Star General Hap Arnold, an aviation pioneer. This plane is a part of the fabric of our rich aviation history,” Martin told the news station.

“We are so lucky to have it in our backyard and to be flying it over California again. Soon we’ll fly it over the United States and around the world for an extended tour.

“This plane is living history. Without it, we are bound to repeat our past – unaware,” he added.

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