LAURA EISENHOWER: Alien Beings, Transhumanism, 13th Zodiac and MORE!

A whistleblower, International Speaker and Intuitive Astrologist, LAURA EISENHOWER is today’s guest speaker on Edge of Wonder! Laura will also be attending Contact In The Desert, the largest UFO conference in the world, but for those of you who can’t wait, Edge of Wonder hosts Ben and Rob did a Skype Interview with her for you all.

Laura is also the great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower. She talked about different alien races and their relationships, 13th Zodiac and Transhumanism.

How to understand the relationship between Nordic and Dracos? There are a lot more reported beings out there that are either good or bad, but maybe we can start with the more known species.

There’s a lot connected to racial purity and eugenics in relation to the Nordics. So the Nordics were aligned with secret societies and things that weren’t necessarily positive. But we tend to think of the Nordic group is more benevolent, but they had their thing too.

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The agreements with the Nordics ended up shifting though and the Nazis aligned more with the Draco reptilians. Not all Nordics are negative, this is the thing with any race. We have to look at different factions, different groups.

As far as the Nordics are concerned, there is a group that is hybrids and then there’s the pure strain.

So we’re dealing with multi-dimensional levels and different changes that happen within each of these groups or species.

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