Florida Woman Captures Video of Yawning Alligator

By Zack Stieber

A Florida woman captured an alligator yawning on video.

The gator’s large jaws became very visible for Vicki Reed, who lives on a lake in Sanibel that is home to lots of different animals.

Reed told Fox 13 that she was sitting on her deck with her husband when she spotted the gator and whipped out her phone.

Reed noted that her deck is on stilts and that she and her husband take care not to approach dangerous animals.

“It was not scary at all to us,” she explained. “I would never call on any animal. Other people have told me if they get larger than 12 feet, they will then relocate. Like I said, we feel honored to witness nature in the raw.”

Video Credit: Vicki Reed via Fox 13

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