Harvey Weinstein’s Estranged Wife Speaks Out on Sexual Misconduct Accusations for First Time

By Reuters

The estranged wife of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, on Thursday, May 10, broke her silence on accusations of sexual misconduct against him, saying they sickened her.

Chapman, co-founder of the Marchesa fashion label, told Vogue magazine in her first interview since the scandal broke last October, “I lost ten pounds in five days. I couldn’t keep food down.” The 42-year-old added that she has not appeared in public since October.

“I was so humiliated and so broken . . . that . . . I, I, I . . . didn’t think it was respectful to go out,” she said. “I thought, Who am I to be parading around with all of this going on? It’s still so very, very raw. I was walking up the stairs the other day and I stopped; it was like all the air had been punched out of my lungs.”

Chapman also said that she’s been seeing a therapist and that she’s been working on moving forward.

The accusations against Weinstein were first reported by the New York Times and New Yorker magazine.

On the day the New Yorker report was published, Chapman announced that she was leaving Weinstein, ending their 10-year marriage. The couple is in divorce proceedings.

More than 70 women have accused the Hollywood producer of sexual misconduct, including rape. Weinstein has denied engaging in sex that was not consensual.

A representative for Weinstein declined to comment on Chapman’s interview. Chapman’s representative said the designer had nothing to add.

Marchesa was once one of the biggest fashion brands on red carpets at the Oscars and other celebrity events, but few celebrities have worn the label in the past eight months. Chapman said that she made the decision herself not to offer any clothes for the award season.

“We didn’t feel it was appropriate given the situation,” she said. “All the women who have been hurt deserve dignity and respect, so I want to give it the time it deserves. It’s a time for mourning, really.”


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